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Our Best Travel Blog Wanderings

Where Next, Baby?

That’s what we say as we make our way around the world. We’re travel bloggers Lori and Adam. We’re very fortunate to have seen sights, sampled foods, and meet wonderful people in 65+ countries
Pick and click a country to see our best travel blog postings about our adventures there …

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Packing your travel essentials for the great wide world

Over two decades of travel to 65+ countries, we’ve uncovered some tips and tricks for packing that can make the difference between comfort and complaints. If you’re a bit “high maintenance” like me, you should put some thought into your packing. It could lead to you having your own “travel drawer” of invaluable and quickly …

Magnificent Petra: Highlight of Travel to Jordan

Journey through Jordan: amazing views, challenging viewpoints

He is first, and foremost, Arabic. That’s what this middle-aged man tells us. He is secondly Jordanian and Muslim. We are talking to him over cups of the gritty, oily Turkish coffee that everyone in Jordan seems to drink all day, every day.  At first, this man is smiles and pleasant jokes and his English …