Vietnam Travel: Spectacular Scenery and Sights, Fantastic Food, and a ‘Wound that Never Heals’

Beautiful carving: Travel to Vietnam
Vietnam is a country that is at turns magical, sobering, puzzling and unnerving. Travel to Vietnam will immerse you in a unique culture and fascinating experience. Of course, we were concerned about the fallout of the Vietnam War. Although it ended nearly 50 years ago, our entire lifetimes, it is still very present in American …

Visit Vietnam: Ha Long Bay takes your breath away

Visit Vietnam
There's a reason virtually every travel brochure for Vietnam has a picture from Ha Long Bay ... it is miles upon miles of breathtaking beauty.  If you've decided to travel to Vietnam then make sure you visit this wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site.  Halong Bay features thousands of limestone monolithic islands, many with incredible caves. …

Travel to Cambodia: Stunning temples & ‘extreme foods’

Exiting the plane into Siem Reap, Cambodia, you feel as though you were diverted to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It looks precisely the same: low, pointed straw roof, no gates, open walled building in the dripping humid heat. But the giant red Buddha head staring down at you once you walk inside makes you realize …

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