Travel to the UK: observations from a tourist swing through London

London UK street scene
We’ve been very fortunate to have visited the United Kingdom, and particularly London, a couple dozen times. Enough times that we’ve left the major tourist places far behind and just enjoy the atmosphere and people. We people watch. Following are observations I jotted down from a visit several years ago. Post continues below Adam geeks …

India Retrospective: Letters home from Bangalore & Delhi

Taj Mahal travel when visiting India
This posting is from our original travel blog about our travel to India, published in 2008, and was mainly a collection of emails to friends and family also published on one of the now defunct personal blog sites. It has been edited for clarity and privacy considerations. February 2008: Welcome to Bangalore! Hi everybody! We …

We found the Loch Ness Monster … was nowhere to be seen on our trip through Scotland

Does the Loch Ness Monster exist? We have absolutely no idea. Here’s how our little “exploration” went. Traveling with a bunch of good-time friends through Scotland, we made the drive to the lake one cold early morning. We’d been thoroughly enjoying Scottish castles and distilleries, learning about Islay scotch,  staying at The Newton, Charlie Chaplin’s …

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