Who is the Where Next, Baby? team

Your Where Next, Baby? team looking desperately for a bathroom on the Great Wall of China.

We’re Lori and Adam, a married couple with 20+ years of international travel under our belts.

Lori is an award-winning journalist and is a native of Pennsylvania, USA. Adam, a native of California, USA, has worked in technology for a couple of decades. We live in a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Altogether, we have been to 80+ countries for business and pleasure.

This blog contains our observations and experiences from the places we have been fortunate enough to visit.

We’re not setting out to offer travel tips and “how to” guides. You can get those a thousand places.

Instead we hope to offer a sense of our experiences in these far-flung paces. We want to share the fun, the wonder, the challenges and the sensory overload we encountered.

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