Feeling a Little Fuel-less: How NOT to see Croatia

This PROBABLY could have happened anywhere, but it left us with a clear new first-order-of-business action when entering a taxi/Uber/Lyft/private car: CHECK THE GAS TANK LEVEL. Stunning Dubrovnik, Croatia, was a can’t-miss for our friends who had never been. We made it a priority. So after deboarding our yacht north of Split, the six of …

Captivated by Croatia: yes, it looks just like ‘Game of Thrones’

Croatia has a stunningly beautiful coastline with cities like Dubrovnik and Split that are well worth a visit. But I’ve got to say, this was a country where the people we encountered were not overly warm – at least they weren’t to us. We kind of pride ourselves in meeting, engaging and befriending locals. It’s …

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