Visit Vietnam: Ha Long Bay takes your breath away

There’s a reason virtually every travel brochure for Vietnam has a picture from Ha Long Bay … it is miles upon miles of breathtaking beauty. 

If you’ve decided to travel to Vietnam then make sure you visit this wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Halong Bay features thousands of limestone monolithic islands, many with incredible caves. The boats locals use to travel among the area are works of art in their own right.

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We highly recommend booking at least a night or two here if your itinerary permits, especially on one of the boat tours. Our excursion featured a Vietnamese cooking class, cave explorations and beaches. You will also pass floating fishing villages where dogs race along outside docks to greet you.

The bay was definitely one of the highlights of our travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It is hard to share the experience of visiting sites of such breathtaking natural beauty, when pictures simply cannot do them justice.

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